About us

Our philosophy. Passion and professionalism for customer satisfaction since the 1960s.

In the 1960s, Adriano Di Ricco founded the “Elios Laundry” in Lucca with the aim of satisfying the most demanding customers immediately. Around that time the center of Lucca was characterized by the presence of many professional studios who relied on the Elios Laundry for the cleaning of men’s suits and clothes of their partners. With the change of the economic organization of the historical center, of the city logistics and the entry into the staff of his son Simone, in the 90s the now well-known Elios Laundry moved to the suburbs into larger premises. New specific services are included for the care of quality fabrics and furnishings. Building on the experience gained, the company decides to face a new challenge and in 2006 turns its services to the naval sector. In 2018, thanks to the entry of Domenico Martone, the range of services offered was expanded by introducing a household appliances sector dedicated to technical kitchens and laundry rooms.


The Elios brand has always been synonymous with professionalism and dedication to work and a guarantee for attention to the smallest details. The technicians’ skill is ensured by continuously updating and the ability to use high quality products and equipment.


Simone Di Ricco


Experience and passion for the job transmitted by his father Adriano since he was a child, making Simone, at the end of the 80s, start collaborating in the family business acquiring all the necessary skills in the sector of textiles and chemistry. In the 90s he specialized in the treatment of fine fabrics to adapt to the demand of the increasingly demanding market until 2013 when he started in the nautical world, facing the challenge of taking care of interiors and exteriors of yachts. New challenges, new markets, attention to detail, are the characterizing elements that allow Simone to always look ahead, strengthened by experience and passion and dedication to his work. The selection of its collaborators allows Simone to expand the range of services offered with the introduction of new parallel sectors.

Domenico Martone


Encountering themselves on shipyard, joined with the strength of the same philosophes of life and work vision, allowed Simone and Domenico to put together their respective skills to give more opportunities to the customer.

Domenico’s years of experience in the sector of high-end appliances for kitchens and laundry rooms, ability to listen to customer needs and patience in finding the best solution with competence and professionalism, allowed Elios Yacht Service to have a much broader vision of the corporate mission. Domenico’s knowledge of specific needs of the world of Yacht Service, both for repairs and for new installations of electrical appliances, allows in a short time to meet the needs of ship owners and shipyards but also of hotels and private customers.

Serena Cei


After working a while in London in haute cuisine for work experience, Serena returned to Italy to continue her experience in the Ho.re.ca sector, on the Tyrrhenian coast. In 2019, thanks to her knowledge of the English language and strong previous experience, she contributed to Elios Yacht Service by joining the company staff. She began her collaboration with field training under the guidance of Tutors Simone and Domenico to learn business techniques and philosophies and subsequently dedicated herself to the commercial sector taking care of customer needs both for the sector of cleaning and sanitizing furniture and products in both for the electrical appliance sector. Thanks to her brilliant dynamic character, she immediately succeeded, with dedication and professionalism, in meeting the positive consensus of customers.