Cars and Campers

Professional cleaning and sanitizing services for the interior of your car or camper with home pick-up and delivery.


For car and camper cleaning we have a vast assortment of natural products and detergents for both fabric and all parts in plastic.



For many people, the car represents not only a means of transport for daily movements or for moments of pleasure but also a means of work in which you spend a good part of the day. The interior of your car constantly absorbs smog, mites and dust that settles on porous surfaces and on the textures of the fabrics of seats, rugs, interior leather, etc. Unlike the plastic parts for where cleaning is performed with a damp cloth and specific products is sufficient, the fabrics must be vacuumed and cleaned with suitable professional machinery at least once a year.



Gives pleasant moments during vacation and leisure and to make travel safe it must be taken care of, not only at a technical level but also from the point of view of cleaning inside and the driver’s cab. As the warm season approaches, it is recommended to perform an extraordinary interior treatment. Our staff is able to take care of your camper by cleaning the interior walls , curtain washing, removing dust and traces of smog from the windows, emptying the inside of the lockers by removing soil, sand and all the accumulations of the past season, sanitize each part of the vehicle with specific technical and professional products. Your camper will therefore be ready to accompany you on your trips in complete safety for your health.