Ordinary and extraordinary cleaning specific for hotels and accommodation facilities.


Our staff is qualified and trained to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization of rooms, corridors, dining rooms, common rooms and external environments of accommodation facilities through discreet and reserved behavior. Cleaning the furniture is a delicate operation that requires specific expertise, the use of technologies such as non-aggressive products and suitable machinery. Through our intervention, it will be able to give its guests a renewed appearance and a feeling of cleanliness and order, bringing the rooms back to a healthy optimal level and obtaining greater durability of the fabric furnishings.


Below are some of the dedicated services.



Cleaning, sanitizing, stain removal of carpet (bouclé, long pile, short pile), through aspiration, washing and sanitation with non-aggressive products and diversified according to the type of fabric to be treated.



Rugs need special care because they are placed on floors. They may have stubborn or unknown stains, sand, earth, mites and other allergens, food residues, animal hair. Through our services, they will be able to have a renewed look and benefit from a longer duration.

Sofas, chairs and armchairs


Perhaps the furniture elements most subjected to wear. Through our intervention, you can bring them back to a renewed aspect.

Outdoor Awnings


Awnings are subject to the aggression of external agents (various types of weather, pollen, dust, smog, humidity) which require constant cleaning especially for those who use them to keep them open all year round. If the interventions are not carried out correctly and consistently, these expensive furnishings may have a shorter duration and need to be replaced sooner than expected. With our intervention we will relieve you from this heavy maintenance that requires time, spaces, machinery and specific products.

Interior curtains


Interior curtains are an important piece of furnishings that denote the care in the preparation of spaces by the property. Very often they are placed in front of light and it is therefore advisable to keep them fresh and clean to give a positive impression to the guest. Unfortunately, they collect dust and pollen very easily and risk becoming gray or yellowed. If they are in delicate or precious materials, it is recommended to rely on qualified personnel so that they can be collected, cared for, cleaned and sanitized and reassembled in the most appropriate ways.



Taking regular care of your mattress with professional methods can help remove dust and mites that can cause asthma, rhinitis and other allergic respiratory and skin disorders. Our professional mattress sanitisation service with modern systems and technologies, in addition to normal washing that eliminates stains and odors, sanitizes the mattress and the bedroom by limiting the onset of respiratory and skin disorders.