Use, even seasonal, of environments in which there are fabric furnishings such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, curtains, mattresses, rugs, carpets, etc., implies that the latter take on the “lived” aspect with the possibility that they present unwanted spots. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is important to also take care of the hygienic aspect of all rooms, which cannot always be seen with the naked eye. Daily care, through vacuum cleaners or the like and the use of detergents for domestic or even semi-professional use, is important and must be carried out regularly but it is not sufficient to guarantee correct and thorough cleaning and sanitation. The furnishings tend to be attacked by mites and bacteria that permanently nestle in the texture of the fabric. In addition, the humidity present in the environment, causes the formation of hidden molds which, combined with the presence of bacteria and mites, can contribute to causing annoying allergies. Through our deep cleaning and sanitizing intervention, which can also be extended to the air conditioning ducts and vents, it is possible to radically eliminate these unwelcome presences by bringing all rooms back to an optimal healthy level as well a clean and tidy appearance.

Specific services through washing, stain removal and sanitation for:

Interior furnishings:


carpets which are short pile, long pile, bouclè

sofas and armchairs (leather, alcantara, fabric)





Exterior furnishings:




outdoor cushions and sundecks

covers for outdoor furniture


Special treatments:


Washing of towels & bathrobes

Restoring leather colours

Tender cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing of carpets


The rugs need special care because they are placed on floors. They can have stubborn or unknown stains, sand, mites and other allergens, food residues, animal hair. Through our services, they will be able to look newer and benefit from a longer duration.

Flame retardant treatments


Flammability is important, particularly for fabric. A retardant finish is allowed to fabrics to prevent it from getting burnt and can effectively be applied to both natural textile fibre and synthetic fibres. The flame-retardant treatment with the chemical can minimize the flammability of the fabric. It reacts with the gases and tars generated and converts the gases and tars into carbon char. This ultimately slows down the burning speed of the fabric. At the end of the treatment, you will be issued the certification for the service provided.

Custom Mattresses


Realization of custom made mattresses with Elios Yacht Service logo